Meet the fashionistas behind UPTOWN!

Inder Bhambri – Founder & Chairman, Uptown Galeria Clothing Pvt Ltd
Uptown Galeria was co-founded by Inder Bhambri with his wife Anuradha Bhambri. Mr Bhambri is an exporter of ladies garments and owns a factory in Okhla, New Delhi.

Anuradha Bhambri – Director, Uptown Galeria Clothing Pvt Ltd
Anuradha Bhambri has been a stalwart in the Delhi fashion scene since over two decades. She started her business from a small room at her residence in New Delhi and now runs one of the most popular retail stores in Hong Kong Bazaar in Gurgaon. Anuradha also co-founded UPTOWN GALERIA Clothing Pvt Limited with her husband Mr. Inder Bhambri and the dynamic husband-wife duo have built a strong reputation for excellence in fashion in Delhi’s retail industry. Anuradha’s recipe for success: Always remember the customer is your God. Understand what she wants and guide her in the best possible way. Don’t think you have to sell your product; rather you have to get the customer’s confidence by providing her what she wants in the best quality so that she never forgets you and your service and surely comes back for the next purchase.

Kanav Kapoor – Head, Strategy & Business Development, Uptown Galeria Clothing Pvt Ltd
Kanav Kapoor, an MBA graduate from Hofstra University, NY, is responsible for the financial, administrative, and risk management operations of the company. He has experience of 5+ years in financial services and business strategy with Ernst & Young LLP and Light Partners LLC.

Sonam Bhambri – Founder and Director, Uptown Galeria Clothing Pvt Ltd
Sonam Bhambri is the founder and brainchild behind A serial entrepreneur and an MBA graduate from the illustrious Hofstra University in NY, Sonam is passionate about fashion. Her mantra is to dress for success. Sonam attributes her fashion sense to her years at New York where she learned to spot upcoming trends and stay ahead of the industry.

Esha Bhambri – Director, Uptown Galeria Clothing Pvt Ltd
Esha Bhambri lives, eats and breathes fashion! A textile designing graduate from NIFT, Esha’s journey into the fashion industry started when she as an undergraduate student and she started designing apparel. Her vision is to make the latest fashion available at affordable prices. Esha believes in getting everything done from scratch — from sourcing fabrics, designing, experimenting, to getting labels manufactured. She recently completed her Masters from London College of Fashion, UK.